WAGYU Grill in Japan

One of the main purpose of go back to my hometown is eating the food which I can’t find in Vancouver. Before I return to Vancouver, my family took me to KIN YOH TEI where is one of my favorite place to eat WAGYU Teppanyaki (grill) in Fukuoka.

We went to eat dinner and ordered Wagyu and seafood course which includes

  •  foie gras tofu with caviar
  •  grilled Japanese scallop with seasonal vegetables
  •  lotus roots cream soup
  •  fresh abalone with sudachi
  •  live lobster with original dip
  •  prime SAGA beef sirloin or tenderloin
  •  garlic rice
  •  miso soup and Japanese Pickles
  •  Japanese sweet potato pancake


Chef performed in front of us but I could not took the picture of firing…

fresh abalones and lobster

Seafood were fresh enough to eat by raw.


seafood and SAGA beef course

Most of vegetables, seafood and sources are from local.


The restaurant is 123m above the sea and each table is faced in to the glass where can see a spectacular view while enjoying the dinner.


Bills breakfast

I was so luck and enjoyed my stay in Fukuoka, Japan. I finally went to Bills which is a restaurant famous for its world-class breakfast. I have deserved to go there for a long time, this time I was lucky enough to eat it in my hometown Fukuoka due to they opened new store last summer.bills

Bills Fukuoka is a glass fronted restaurant was built on the river with beautiful and unique exterior as well as interior.

My friend and I visited to eat branch. After a half hour waiting,  we finally ready to sit on the table and ready for our order. we ordered shrimp burger and bills classic full Aussie breakfast plate and salad, ricotta hotcakes to share and some fresh juices.

chopped salad and fresh berries juice
shrimp burger and bills classic breakfast

Each plats decor is minimalist. Simply cooked ingredients were fresh and fabulous. Especially the scrambled eggs were to die for.

bills classic ricotta hotcakes, banana and honeycomb butter

Their signature  hotcakes was tasty and big enough to share with.

Our dishes was too much to finish for two girls but that wasn’t us…

Unfortunately, I can eat these fabulous Bills breakfast in Vancouver yet. Hope they will open one in Vancouver soon…